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Executive Summary

10% of Ownership is available to an approved investor for Aroma Tequila. 

Aroma Tequila Management team is seeking investors. Aroma Tequila will give 10% Ownership to the approved investor for investment of $500,000.00 (US) cash. 

Aroma Tequila will give a return of 15% return on the investors initial investment within 3 years.  

Aroma Tequila has the right to buy back the 10% ownership with 25% return on the initial investment within 5 years. 

Aroma Tequila Company

Managment and Board of Advisors 

* Raul Suarez : Creator and Founder 

* Eli Hernandez : Vice President of Marketing and Investor relations. 

* Rafael Ortiz: International Sales 

* Dana Park : CEO/ Managing Partner


Only the best from our distillery. All equipment is stainless steel and approved by FDA. Water is natural 99.5% clean without any chemical process. Water has mineral requires for human comsumption. Top of the line filtration system.  Autoclaves, not traditional ovens. Our hygiene standard is extremely high and that is the reason for the stainless equipment. We purposely plant citrus trees around our distillery. This allows micro organisms in the air to penetrate and work on the fementation process. Fementation is all natural, we do not use addictives to increase the fermentation process. All process is 95% organic and we do not use bread or beer yeast. 

Product and Services

Our Mission since year 2000 is to provide the best quality Tequila from Mexico that satisfies the most demanding palate is our first goal. 

We want to preserve and promote Mexico's unique Tequila culture and traditions that has been in our family for generations. 

Our 2nd goal is to provide AROMA Lounge Rooms/ Resturants worldwide. 

Aroma Lounge will be a place of entertainment for the Adults to enjoy the taste our famous Aroma Tequila. 

An amosphere to have celebrations and a place to discusss our innovations and desires for more business and deals for anyone. We want to create a comfortable area for all business men and women to network. 

AROMA Tequila 3rd goal is to help and donate $1.00 per bottle sold family in need of legal assistance in the immigrants rights and justice.

Aroma Tequila 4th goal is to open franchise opportunities. 

Aroma 5th goal is to promote our innovative AROMA TEQUILA  spray. The spray comes in Rosarita , Blanco, Reposado, A Nejo. for all to enjoy. 

Aroma Tequila  will be recognized for quality and innovation worldwide. 

Aroma Tequila products 

Bottled 30 days after distillation, Tequila Aroma Blanco deliviers a fresh, clean taste. Excellent alone or as a mix drink. 


Barrel aged 8-11 months. Our #1 seller mixes beautifully, but also proudly stands on its own. A full mellow tequila with a gentle character of oak. The aroma are noticeably deep, balanced by agava of smoked wood, hint of dried fruit and caramel. 


Agend 1 1/2  years in a certified oak barrels.  AROMA Anejo has a remarkable smooth and rich comples character from once used Bourbon barrels.  Savor this tequila is like a fine cognac. The rich amber color and the intense AROMA dominated by vanilla, toasted nuts and caramel with hints of citrus , chamomile, and smoked butterscotch. Amazing balance of texture. Serve in Snifter with a dash of purified water. 

Our Marketing 

Aroma Tequila has been distributed across slowly to local stores and other states. We want to supply to our new markets. We want to make it worldwide. Special attention to Macau, Hong Kong, China, Seoul Korea, India, and Australia 


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